ZOOM House is a Transformational Housing Program that assists families to move from the experience of homelessness toward self-sufficiency offering resources, guidance and support in their journey.


Our Mission

The ZOOM House mission is to serve families in transition by providing safe, affordable housing in a community that offers services that promote and support family and economic self-sufficiency and offers opportunities for educational advancement, job training, spiritual growth and neighborhood involvement.


Investing in lives, transforming futures.

Guiding principles

  • Affirm dignity

  • Provide safe, affordable housing

  • Build partnerships and relationships within our community

  • Assist residents as they direct, define and achieve their goals

  • Use a trauma-informed approach in all aspects of our work


  • Trust - Developing authentic relationships and challenging the status quo for ZOOM and our community

  • Growth - Creating the space for growth and success through autonomy and holistic support

  • Compassion - Delivering dignified support to our residents in a safe, stable environment

  • Hope - Investing in our community with optimism and courage for the future

The founders of ZOOM House believed in their Minneapolis neighborhood and the families looking for a fresh start. We’re glad they did - look how far we’ve come!
— ZOOM House Board Member


ZOOM (Zion Originated Outreach Ministry) House is an independent non-profit organization that provides previously homeless families in the Twin Cities with safe housing and a fresh start.  Consisting of a 22-unit apartment community, ZOOM House is located just south of downtown Minneapolis in the Lyndale neighborhood, near the intersection of Blaisdell Avenue and West 33rd Street.

The vision for ZOOM House began more than 20 years ago, as a solution within a community plagued by drug use, violence and overall negativity.  One fateful afternoon, a DEA raid brought the police, local property management and members of Zion Lutheran Church together in an attempt to reduce drug-related violence in the neighborhood and offer safe, affordable housing to area families transitioning from homelessness.  With the support of partner congregations, Zion Lutheran purchased the apartment building that is now ZOOM House, and began a housing ministry inclusive of opportunities for educational advancement, job training, spiritual growth and neighborhood involvement for its residents.  Thanks to partner congregations, corporate grants, individual friends and donors, what began as a dignified response to an immediate need has blossomed into a small but mighty organization promoting economic self-sufficiency and family support in the heart of Minneapolis.